Positive Thinking Advantages

power of positive thinking is instrumental in making life look more bright and positive, but it also helps in your daily life with better health, happiness, better relationships, and a satisfied outlook on life. Better life is not brought about by a few minutes of positive thoughts. The desire to be truly happy with life

CapitalIQ HR round questions

CapitalIQ HR Interview Questions 1.General introduction round ( in which the interviewer think of making candidate comfortable for his next questions) 2.Why capitalIQ ? ( one should explain why did they chosen capitalIQ for there career) 3.What are the different challenges faced in general?( what are the various challenges you faced in your life and

Cisco HR Round Interview Questions

These are the most often questions asked by the Cisco HR panel Cisco HR Interview Questions 1)What are the names of your technical round interviewers 2)Do you know my name ? 3)Tell me about yourself, your family background… so on.. 4)What are you looking for in Cisco” or what attracts you or why do you

Top 50 most often Questions asked in the interview

Here is the list of Top 50 most often questions asked in the interview and if you are well prepared with it no body can stop you in getting the job so go through it and crack the interview and get your dream job. All the Best. 1. Tell me about yourself: – The most

Citrix Written Test Questions-1

Citrix Written Test Questions-1 1. What is the output of this statement ? Printf(“%d”,printf(“%d %d”,2,2) & printf(“%d %d ”, 2, 2)); a. 22222 b. 22221 c. It will give an error during compilation 2. What is the output of this code snippet main(){ int *p[10]; printf("%d %dn",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); } 3. Function inlining is best used when

Top css tutorial websites

Because of its features that made web designing a lot easier and convenient, CSS has become one of the many popular languages in web designing and layout. Given in the article are Top CSS Tutorial Websites in Web. Another reason for its popularity is because of the ease of the demand for it in the

Top Bschools in India

India has some of the Business Schools where top students graduate and find jobs in top companies. Given below are the top 10 Bschools in India. (IIM Ahmedabad) Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad 2 (IIM Calcutta) Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta 3 (IIM Bangalore) Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore 4 (ISB Hyderabad)