Success Tips to Crack the Interview in CAT , MAT, JMET and various B-schools

After months of preparation for CAT, MAT, JMET, SNAP and for other written examination its time of the year when you are gearing yourself for group discussions & interviews. To guide you throughout the process we at will shed light on important topics like Tips for facing Personal Interview Round during the Admissions in

Tips For success in Group Discussion Round in Interviews

Group discussion round in the interview usually filters the most of the candidates who came for the Interview. So one should have a basic knowledge on the concept of Group discussion round its evaluation etc. Here are some of the tips which surely helps you to complete the Group discussion round successfully. Tips for Group

Mistakes that need to be avoided in Group Discussion Round in interviews

Common Mistakes In Group Discussions Wise men learn from others mistakes, while the less fortunate, from their own. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes made at group discussions: Emotional outburst Rashmi was offended when one of the male participants in a group discussion made a statement on women generally being submissive while explaining

How to complete Group discussion Round in Interviews successfully

Group Discussion Round in Interviews Group discussion is an important dimension of the selection process in an Interview. Any Educational institute requires students to work with others for effective functioning in order to improve there communication skills and also leadership skills. For successful completion of the Group discussion round in Interview the following are the

Questions that can be asked to HR Interviewer Before Getting Hired

Questions  that can be  asked to  HR Interviewer  Before Getting Hired I understand the company has experienced layoffs within the last two years. Can you review the reasons why they were necessary? How were the layoffs handled in terms of notification, severance, outplacement services, etc.? What rewards have you found effective in recognizing and rewarding

Questions that can be asked by the candidate to the HR interviewer at the time of interview

Do you have any Questions? This is the most often question that is asked by the HR interviewer to the candidate in order to test the commitment of the candidate towards the Company or to test something else in the candidate so you need to be well prepared. So here are the list of questions