Top online dot net tutorial websites

Given in the article are the list of top online dot net tutorial websites. These websites provides some of the top dot net articles, tutorials and information related to latest .net versions.


  • MSDN’s .NET Home Page
    It’ll be hard to knock this page out of the number-one spot. After all, it’s where Microsoft puts all of its most important .NET information, articles, samples, and links. Related sites include the Microsoft .NET Framework Developer’s Guide, which lists links to the .NET Framework Reference, Samples, Tutorials, Tools, and Developer Specifications; and the list of Microsoft .NET Technical Articles.
  • Microsoft’s GotDotNet Page
    GotDotNet is a community Web site, written by and maintained by the Microsoft .NET Framework Web Team, where .NET developers can showcase their samples and receive information about the .NET Framework. It’s supposed to be a “raw, unfiltered look inside the .NET Framework and at the team within Microsoft that is responsible for writing, testing, releasing, and managing the different technologies that go into .NET.”
  • List Archives at
    If you aren’t on the DOTNET mailing list, you are really missing out. Nearly everyone who is someone at Microsoft (including a ton of Microsoft’s developers, product managers, and even marketing executives) have been showing up there. Plus, if there’s a name you respect in the community, they’re probably posted there too (the rest are lurking). The archives here are absolutely stunning, too. Take a few hours to surf them. You’ll learn more here than probably anywhere else.
    The mission of this site is to provide a place “for the dissemination of information, tools, and education for developers utilizing the ASP.NET framework.” Here are some reasons why you’ll find this site helpful: a minimum of two .NET tutorials and how-to’s are added each week; their .NET Component Resource (.NETComRes) is a place for developers to download/upload .NET components and source code; they have Quickstart tutorials (including for mobile devices); they are a Microsoft .NET Partner, and their complete site runs on the .NET framework.
  • IBuySpy Developer Solutions Site
    This is a favorite .NET site among developers. It includes C# and VB source code.
  • .NET Framework Frequently Asked Questions
    Andy McMullan wins the “best .NET FAQ” award. This is really useful for programmers to get up to date on the .NET basics and more.
  • The Code Project – .NET
    The Code Project was formed to provide developers with a place to meet and exchange ideas. “We hope to provide developers with all the resources they need to help them in their day-to-day programming, as well as helping them keep up to date with the latest technologies.” The Code Project is run by Chris Maunder, Erik Thompson, and Uwe Keim.
  • 411 ASP.NET Directory
    This is “your guide to the newest version of Active Server Pages called ASP.NET.” It’s a directory of ASP.NET tutorials, applications, scripts, assemblies, and articles for the novice to professional developer. Over 1,000 resources.
    The site is quite easy to use. Just click and go. You can locate resources by browsing directories or searching on keywords. There is also a very handy searchable code library.



  • VBWire, .netWire, and ASPWire
    You should watch these news sites every day for news. If you have a product or something new to announce to the .NET world, do it on these sites.