Cisco HR Round Interview Questions

These are the most often questions asked by the Cisco HR panel

Cisco HR Interview Questions

1)What are the names of your technical round interviewers
2)Do you know my name ?
3)Tell me about yourself, your family background… so on..
4)What are you looking for in Cisco” or what attracts you or why do you want to join cisco.
5)Tell me a situation/ issue where you identified a problem on your own, and drove to resolve it.
6)Tell about most difficult team project u have worked on.
7)What type of work environment is suitable and which environment you hate/is frustrating?
8)Tell about the mistake you learned from
9)Tell about accomplishment you are proud of…
10)what have you learnt in 4 years of your B.Tech.
11)Give an example of biggest/most demanding team leading or you have talked about some thing to a group like given a presentation or seminar etc..
12)Describe a situation where you and your partner/professor had a conflicting view, but you were still able to get across your point or how did u get around obstacles that prevented you from completing the task/project.
13)Tell a situation in which you took the lead without being asked to do so and why? or you saw some opportunity which came suddenly and how did u react? or you found some your results or your work which were not up to the mark, what did u do to rectify? or done more than what was required? or situations in which you found the job could be done much easier and others weren’t following it..? or did some job which doesn’t come under your job role/description but was beneficial?
14)Tell me about your values in your life.
15)Tell us what do you know about our company.
16)Tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses..
17)Interested in doing MS ?