Free English Training for students

Communication skills are very important for students to succeed in life. There are many ways students can develop their skills in college. But for people who have poor education facilities, inorder to get into top companies they need to have good communication skills and English speaking skills. There are many student scholarships available in web

Tips For success in Group Discussion Round in Interviews

Group discussion round in the interview usually filters the most of the candidates who came for the Interview. So one should have a basic knowledge on the concept of Group discussion round its evaluation etc. Here are some of the tips which surely helps you to complete the Group discussion round successfully. Tips for Group

Mistakes that need to be avoided in Group Discussion Round in interviews

Common Mistakes In Group Discussions Wise men learn from others mistakes, while the less fortunate, from their own. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes made at group discussions: Emotional outburst Rashmi was offended when one of the male participants in a group discussion made a statement on women generally being submissive while explaining

Citrix Written Test Questions-1

Citrix Written Test Questions-1 1. What is the output of this statement ? Printf(“%d”,printf(“%d %d”,2,2) & printf(“%d %d ”, 2, 2)); a. 22222 b. 22221 c. It will give an error during compilation 2. What is the output of this code snippet main(){ int *p[10]; printf("%d %dn",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); } 3. Function inlining is best used when


When you go for an interview if the interviewer asks you simple questions you may feel like oh, how easy it is but the logic is here itself. Because the HR official in the panel mainly observes the mind set of the candidate by asking this type of questions. There itself the HR official decides

How to face the Technical Round in the interview?

Now it is the interview time for every student who is in the last semester or final year  so as a part of the interview round, I would like to suggest some general preparation to face the technical round in the interview. Here  are the few tips to face the technical round : Be prepared