Jawaharlal  Nehru Technological University has released the notification regarding the eligibility test and requested application from the eligible candidates to apply for the test. This eligibility certificate must be necessary : for the lecturers or professors to work as faculty with the JNTU associated colleges and University. How to apply: This should be applied only

10 Tips for cover letter

This is one of the best article which gives students an idea of importance of cover letter. Cover letter is the first impression that helps students the be hired among the thousands who have applied. Given below are some students tips for developing a good cover letter. Developing a Well managed Cover letter Your cover

Top Html Tutorial Websites in Web

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is one of the basic languages from which most web pages are developed in web. There are many useful Html Tutorial websites that provide resources for getting used to HTML online. The resources provided by these sites are very useful to learn HTML language online. Some of the best Html

Top Consultancies in Bangalore

This article provides information related to top consultancies in Bangalore. Hope this article is useful for all who are looking for jobs in Bangalore Top Consultancies in Bangalore Bangalore is the hub for programmers, developers and also for HR and management. There are a lot of consultancies in Bangalore that have emerged in recent years

25 Most Interesting Facebook Games

Developers saw even bigger slumps in April. MAU losses were tremendous across the board. 18 of the current Top 25 experienced a decline, with other factors, like Facebook platform performance issues, also contributing to the problem. Nevertheless, the industry trudges forward, as five new games also make their appearances on the Top 25 this month

Online Bachelor Degree Advantages

Online degree programs have grown in popularity over the years for many reasons that include the creation of accredited online colleges, traditional colleges and universities offering online courses, and increased interest by those already in the workforce who want to further their careers by earning a degree while they work. According to the Postsecondary Education

Perception of Online Education

You’ve done the research and you’ve seen the numbers. You’ve calculated the cost and the time required. Earning your degree online is not only reasonable, it might be your best option considering the flexibility and cost savings. So why are you still hesitating? Because you still have one very important concern… How much credibility does

Top Open Source Content Management Systems

With the rapid developments in technology, Open Source Content Management System has become the preferred platform for development. Nothing is more illustrative of the change that has taken place between first generation web standards and the web 2.0 evolution than the CMS trend. Latest Open Source Content Management system has been providing a strong base

Cambridge Students Tips for Students

Cambridge is one of the top universities all over the world. Some of the top student tips for revision that are given by cambridge students are given in the article. Hope this article is useful for students to have good information about writing exams Cambridge Students – Revision Tips: “- Sent using Google Toolbar”