Study in USA Admission and Visa procedure

Many of the students aspire to study in USA in top class Universities and Institutions for  pursuing their Higher Education and for them below article will be helpful in providing the detailed information regarding general eligibility to Study in USA and the requirements that are needed to Study in USA that are  TESTs to be taken like TOEFL , GRE etc., and the requirements to get Student visa.

General Eligibility to Study in USA:


study in USA
study in USA


Given below are some of the qualifications to persue your Higher Education in USA

1. For under graduate program: 10+2

For graduate Programs: 16 years of age and 10+2+4 and some institutions even accept 15 years of age and they give admission to there master or bridge programs.

2. Good and strong academic record and good scores in entrance exams like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT,IELTS etc., will be given more preference.

3. Strong recommendation letters, concise and informative statement of purpose/personal statement,essays and resumes will be given preference.

4.Certificates of Achievement or Extra-curricular activities participation and strong financial background or having good academic record with scholarship will be an added asset.

Test for Fluency in English:

All International students who wish to Study in USA must be fluent in English and they usually need to take TOEFL test. The  TOEFL score of 90 and above for post graduate and 80 and above for undergraduate . The IELTS score of 6 and above for undergraduate courses and 6.5 and above for postgraduate courses are generally required. There are more than 1500 institutions which accepts IELTS score including top ranked Universities of USA.

Graduate Admission Test:

Most of the graduate schools require satisfactory scores in at least one academic admission test like Graduate Record examination (GRE) general test or demonstration of proficiency test in your field (GRE subject Test), or sometimes both.

Admission procedure to study in USA

1.Planning for Higher Education in USA must always be preplanned. For example if you are planning for doing a course in USA in the month of September then you take the relevant test in the same year say January or even earlier.

2.You should confirm with respected college whether you need to take the  SAT-I  and SAT –II exam tests and you must also remember that you cannot give both SAT-I and SAT-II on the same day and deadlines for the tests are usually 5-6 weeks before the actual test date.

3.Test scores must reach the respected Universities before the dead line application date, and you should allow at least four to six weeks between the test date and the application dead line.

4.If English is not your native language then opt for TOEFL and as such with SAT and remember that your test results must reach the respected Universities or Institutions of yours before the application deadline.

5.If you feel that you will qualify for TOEFL wavier then contact the respected Universities administration directly and explain your situation and at least before 1-2 months get the proper test material and get prepared well. You advising center can give you further information.

Student Visa to study in USA:

In order to apply for a Student Visa in US embassy or consulate, you must first have a Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) generated document (either an I-20 or DS-2019) issued by a US college or University or Department of State Designated sponsor organization and you will be required to submit this form while applying for a student Visa.

This will be provided by the respective University or Institution if you are selected for there exchange program or academically admitted in there institution and you will also be provided with the information regarding from the Institution for applying for the VISA as well as other guidance about your academic career in USA. Once you have all the information now you can apply for the Student Visa and even though there is time it is better to apply earlier as usually visa processing will take time sometimes. So All the Best for your Education in USA.

If you need further information regarding the VISA click the link Procedure for getting STUDENT VISA in USA