GATE 2012 for Engineers

Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination conducted by the IIS (Indian Institute of science and its seven institutes of Technology behalf  of National Coordination Board, Government of India. GATE examination is required for : Admission to Various post Graduate programs with MHRD and some other Government Scholarships/assistantships/JOBS in Engineering Colleges/Institutes

Voice Services and help

VoIP is the latest technology software that has spread the world in recent years. Due to latest technology advancements in telecommunication media, VoIP phones are used extensively in the market. VoIP phones and VoIP services are spreading throughout the world. More and more people are attracted towards and making use of this excellent service of

10+ Legos 2011

  This list contains the top 10 Lego’s around the world that are been attracting readers. 1. The Lego iPod Case Any one who loves Lego’s would love this I-pod Shuffle cases by Computer unlimited. These Lego’s are described as an experiment for cutting edge and highly creative experiments by the author. The outer wafer

VOIP Setup and benefits

Many companies and business services are using VoIP for their business. VoIP is also now used by many people for personal purposes. As VoIP is the technology which is spreading itself in the whole world as a great source of communication more and more people throughout the world are benefiting from this greatest way of

Top 10 Free English Tutorial Websites

It has been opined that in order to speak English language one has to be in an English speaking country. But all will not be able to travel to an English speaking country. But there are alternatives to learn language without traveling and without spending money. One can make available to study a high standard

Learn to read faster using AceReader

There are many Students software’s which help in improving your communication and proficiency. For Example, If you want to speed up your reading ability then try Acereader, which is one of the best Reading software which helps in increasing your speed of reading. It has been now prominently used by top universities for students in

5 Top Engineering Scholarships for students

In order to pursue Engineering in India or abroad ,  it almost costs around 4-6 lakhs in India and more than this in abroad . Though Student loans are available  for students who can satisfy all the conditions of the bank in the means of providing security   which may not be  possible for some