Career as Foot wear Designer

Foot wear has become an International business after Globalization and there is a huge demand for the Designers in this Industry so if you have a skill of designing and wants to choose different path from others this would be right choice.

First let’s know about what is foot wear Industry:

Foot wear Industry is all about production, marketing and designing: Likely, we generally look at footpath Clobbers and think it as a normal Industry but nobody expects as industry which has cores of turnovers all around the world. Production, Designing and Marketing are the three major areas to be successful in this Industry.

Production part in Foot wear designing will be successful when it fulfills the aspects of customers like its flexibility, smooth going, its tenure, availability in various designs, colors, sizes so on and designing is solely interlinked with production like designing the foot wear according to the needs of customers from choosing of sole (ex: sport shoes), plastic, fiber, type of leather, accessories this all come under Designing. The footwear that are produced are taken into market, sales promotion and making the production successful this all come under marketing and retail management. These concepts are all studied under footwear technology.

foot wear engineering and designing

Skills required for growing in this industry: If you are interested to choose a different career, has a skill of making different designs according to the needs of customers this would be one of the good choice. But one needs to be careful in this Industry as they will be working with different types of chemicals.

Growth in footwear Industry: There is a huge demand for technically developed people in this industry so there would be a job for sure. There are chances of choosing your career from production to service in this Industry so you can choose your own path of Interest. For example, you can join as executives in product planning, Quality control and in product development. You can also grow as category heads, Quality managers, and footwear designers and so on. You can even establish your own production unit of footwear.

Salaries: One can expect a starting salary ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 and when you come to midlevel position you can draw up to 35,000 rupees.

Top Recruiters in Footwear Industry: Adidas, Tata international, Bata, ITC, Reebok, Nike and you can get jobs in many International companies.

Institutions that offer Footwear Technology course:

Footwear design and development of India (FDDI) in Noida of Uttar Pradesh is well known for offering this course in India. This was established in 1986 which is being supervised by Government and is offering the course with all the training and also developing various provisions for establishing Industries by people. FDDI is having six branches which are in Chennai, Noida, purshath Ganj, kolkata, rohetak, Chindwara in India and is offering Postgraduate, Postgraduate Diploma program and also various certificate programs.

For more information you can visit the website link of FDDI provided below:

Foot wear technology course in Footwear design and development of India Noida

AVI school of fashion and shoe technology, Chandigarh: This is one of the institutions which offer a 1 year course in shoe designing and pattern cutting and also offering shoe designing 2year Degree course along with it is also offering certificate courses.

Contact No: 0172 – 602997, 601651

Location:S.C.O 493-94, 2nd Floor, Sector-35-C, Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India

Central footwear training Institute, Agra: This is one of the Institutes which is offering par time, one and two year diploma programs in footwear designing.

For more information you can visit the website link of central footwear training Institute given below:

Diploma course of footwear designing in Central footwear Training Institute Agra

Central footwear Training Institute, Chennai: This is the Institute which is offering various Diploma, postgraduate diploma for one and two years and also offering various certificate programs in footwear designing.

For more information you can visit the website link of Central footwear training Institute:

Diploma course in Foot wear Designing in Central Footwear Training Institute Chennai