10+ Legos 2011


This list contains the top 10 Lego’s around the world that are been attracting readers.

1. The Lego iPod Case

Any one who loves Lego’s would love this I-pod Shuffle cases by Computer unlimited. These Lego’s are described as an experiment for cutting edge and highly creative experiments by the author. The outer wafer looks very attractive and good imaginative designing by the author in the form of brick, loop mint etc. Loops in these shuffle cases are so attractively designed that users can use these for user clip onto a key-ring. These fit perfectly around the shuffle of I-pod.


2. Lego Sports Arena

Lego Sports Arena is one of the best Lego’s in the world. Lego perfectly lives up to the saying “bigger the better”. The creation of stadium in this Lego is quite an eye catcher. The advantage of the big image is that it is successful in capturing the stadium’s minute details. This beautiful Lego is replica of Allianz Arena, which is situated in Munich.



3. The Amazing Venice City Lego

Amazing Venice City Lego is one of the most amazing and awesome Lego creation. This Lego gives the impression of Venice City. Specialty of this Lego is that details given in the Lego related to buildings, street lights are taken very perfectly. Some of the famous destinations like St.marks square are well depicted. Canals, gondolas are some other interesting features. Lego built bridge of Venice city looks like the real one.


4. Guitar Hero Lego

Guitar Hero Lego is one good Lego which depicts the real Guitar. This is a real looking replica of guitar which was used by Motley Crue in their video Dr. Stack Good. It’s one of the best Lego’s that has been developed with elegant look and design.














5. clip_image006Air conditioner Lego

Air Conditioner Lego is one good Lego that depicts the real Air Conditioner. This is Carrier’s air conditioner which has all the features like compressor, valves along with fans which are in working condition. The new air conditioner was first shown in the year 2006, at the Carrier convention.



6. LEGO Space Shuttle Lego

LEGO Spaced Shuttle Lego is another wonderful Lego which resembles the real looking space shuttle is great Lego work. It’s the world’s biggest Lego space shuttle which has been developed till now. This was built by two Japanese people. Almost 65,000 Lego bricks have been used to develop this Lego and 1,590 man hours were required to complete this wonderful Lego.


7. King Legonkamen Lego

King Lengonkamen Lego is one of the tallest and beautiful Lego. This Lego is almost 16 foot tall which is a replica of King Tut. Almost 200,000 Lego bricks are used to build this Giant Lego. The weight of King Legonkamen Lego is over one ton. This tall Lego was brought through the Thames River as it was too tall to bring by road.


8. Swearing Mantis Lego

Swearing Mantis Lego is a beautiful Lego which resembles like a kind of giant insect and it belongs to Uranus. It’s also called the swearing Mantis and it’s originated from Buzz worm larva. When grown, it turns into a dreadful creature with fear claws.






9. Pinball Machine Lego

Pin ball machine Lego is one of the most wonderful Lego’s which was created by Gerrit Bronsveld and Martijn Boogaarts from Netherlands. All except the ball which is made up of Glass is Lego. This Lego has features liclip_image013ke motors, sensors, controller boards along with its programming languages. This pin ball is made up of over 20,000 Lego blocks.

10. Lego Mount Rushmore Lego


Lego Mount Rushmore Lego is another wonderful Lego of 21st century. The famous monument has been replicated here. The expressions in the Lego are clear and well explain the beauty of the Lego. The Lego design was highly qualitative and impressive.