Top Social Lending Sites

Here is the list of top lending sites in Internet today.

Zopa is a marketplace where people lend and borrow money to and from each other, sidestepping the banks. The human way of getting a low cost loan. Rather than making the fat cats fatter you pay interest to real people.It’s a smarter, fairer and altogether more human way of managing your money, where both borrowers and lenders get better rates.


Prosper Loans Marketplace is America’s largest peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Connecting people to people eliminates the need for borrowers to go through a bank for a loan-and fewer middlemen means lenders who invest their money on Prosper also benefit.Borrowers with good credit (640+) post a loan listing and lenders invest $25 or more each towards your loan. They can bid your rate down in our auction process.So if you need a $9,000 loan and want to pay 12% interest, you may end up only paying 9%!
Lending Club is a social lending network where, if you have good credit, you can borrow money at a low interest rate-one that’s usually lower than those available from conventional sources. Lending Club takes care of all the legwork, from helping you secure funds at the lowest possible fixed rate to automating the repayment process for “set it and forget it” convenience.
Richard Branson did it. Really. When no one else would, his Aunt Joyce loaned him the funds he needed to launch Virgin’s first recording studio in the 1970’s. He paid the loan back – with interest – and the rest is history. Now a whole industry has emerged to make person-to-person lending a real financial alternative. In the US, Virgin Money has been the first company to formalize and manage loans between relatives and friends, Virgin Money is widely recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the space, and leads the industry with the highest volume of loans originated.
The Fynanz Student Lending Platform allows a credit union to easily enter the private student lending business.Lenders can use the Fynanz turn-key platform to quickly launch a truly customized private student loan program. Private student loans offer students and families a resource to help bridge the growing funding gap that exists between the actual cost of higher education and federal aid, grants and scholarships available
LoanBack has handled more than $1,216,974,957.28 person-to-person social loans.The website provides a loan calculator to help you determine the right terms of your loan.
After you sign up, you will create a loan request by using the tools provided to help you establish an offer rate, the right amount, and the description of your loan.This loan request is then placed up for auction in the CommunityLend service and lenders, including some members of your own community, are able to bid for parts of your loan. When you get enough bids to complete your loan then loan documents and payment arrangements between you and the lender are created by CommunityLend and the loan amount is moved to your bank account.Repayment of the loan is automatically taken care of by debiting your account every month.
GlobeFunder’s flagship receivable solution, IOUSOS%u2122, is a revolutionary new online debt clearinghouse helping millions of consumers and their creditors struggling with rising bad debt on small balance bills. Increasing consumer debts put an unprecedented strain on the consumer and creditor. IOUSOS’%u2122 web-based platform is the solution that provides users already familiar with online financial services with a better alternative to self-cure their small, unpaid debts.In less than four minutes on IOUSOS%u2122, consumers receive a discount on their bill and choose a bill repayment option they can afford, with no upfront fees and without the high-costs, hassle and intrusiveness traditionally associated with internal billing and collections. IOUSOS%u2122 is a patent-pending, proprietary online marketplace platform for bill discounts and settlement, helping drive new revenue for creditors and helping consumers with discounted bills and new payment options to cure their debts.