Top CAT Exam books for 2013

CAT Exam for 2013 is in the coming months and people who are looking for some of the best CAT Exam material, here are some of the books we refer from Students Tips which can help you in CAT Exam preparation.

1. How to prepare for Quantative Aptitude in CAT Exam

Many of the students face time shortage when solving Quantative Aptitude. It is one of the important part of the exam which can help you crack the exam.

Given below is one of the best Common Admission Test Exam books that can help you in solving Quantative Aptitude.

2. Mastering CAT Common Admission Test

One of the top CAT Exam books which can help students in mastering CAT.

3. 1400 Problems in Mathematics for CAT, MAT, MBA

One of the best books which is preferred for solving mathematics problems. Interesting and useful for people who are weak in maths.