IBM Developer Day key takeaways

IBM Developer Day 2019 is one of the top workshops for developers and students to get insights in the area of Cloud, AI, Blockchain and Quantum.

IBM Developer Day 2019 #IBMDevDay was one of the biggest technology workshops I have attended along with hundreds of expert developers. This article covers key takeaways for Students and Developers from IBM Developer Day 2019.

IBM Developer Day 2019

IBM Developer Day 2019 was organized in Taj Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru on March 14, 2019. It was one of the biggest developers meet with developers from various MNC’s and technologies who came together to learn from experts in the area of Cloud, AI, Quantum and Blockchain powered by Open Source.

It was a full day event with Keynote Speakers sharing their expertise with developers. Kiosks were set up at the event to try out the latest technologies and #code guided by experts from IBM.

After Keynote speakers delivered their expert views, the event was divided into three tracks, Cloud Track, Data, and AI track, Block Chain track. Developers had the option to choose a track of their choice and attend the Tech Talks in the corresponding track. Finally, the day ended with #LagoriBand giving a perfect musical ending.

KeyNote Speakers

  • Ginni Rometty (Chairman, President, and CEO, IBM)
  • Sriram Raghavan (Vice President at IBM Research)
  • Bob Lord (Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications at IBM)
  • Willie Tejada (General Manager and Chief Developer Advocate, IBM)

Ginni Rometty talked about three important aspects for developers and students. She shared informative speech on how IBM is contributing to open source and it is time to give back to open source

  • Open Source if we are using it, we have to give back.
  • Open Governance
  • How to enable and engage with a wider audience

India Developer Champions

IBM Developer CHampion

One of the important takeaways to developers and students of India is an important announcement related to the programme called “India Developer Champions”

“India Developer Champions” is mainly designed to encourage and recognize developers for their contribution to the open source community. IBM in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) announced this program. This multi-year programme would promote open technology initiatives and highlight the importance of India’s growing developer ecosystem. It is one of the great opportunities for students and developers in India to showcase their skills and contribute to open source.

Willie Tejada on IBM Developer Day 2019

Code Cafe and Technology Kiosks

Code Cafe and Technology Kiosks were setup to try out #Code, #BuildSmart applications with IBM latest tools, learn from experts in these technologies.

One of the greatest use of these Kiosks is to understand how we can use these tools in our day to day coding life and how we can transform the technologies to these new technologies.

There were demonstrations on how Text to Speech converter works using technologies like IBM Watson, how Mind Games work

Call For Code Challenge

Call for Code Challenge opens March 25. It is a good opportunity to register for Code Challenge and get recognized.

Code Cafe

Kiosks, Code Cafe were filled with developers who are interested in latest technologies like ML, IBM Watson, practical applications demo’s using IBM Watson

Code Cafe IBM Developer Day
Text SUmmarization and VIsualization IBM Developer Day

IBM Developer Day Key takeaways for Developers and Students

  • IBM is one of the top contributors to Open Source. IBM’s latest code contests are very helpful for Developers and Students to contribute to open source and also showcase their skills to get into top companies like IBM
  • IBM’s PTECH (PathWay to Technology) is one of its kind and very useful for young grads and students
  • If you are a developer, you should definitely be looking at this link which shares all information about technologies and tools required for developer ==>
  • IBM brings out talent from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges in India to provide training, organize contests. If you are a student or professor willing to contribute to open source with IBM’s latest cutting edge technologies, you should be contacting IBM directly at IBM Academic Initiative
  • It is time for us to contribute to OpenSource. If major companies like IBM are spending billions on Open Source, we as developers or emerging developers should showcase our skills in the development of Open Source. Not only it improves our skills, but also helps in learning the latest technologies in areas of Cloud, Quantum Computing, AI, Block Chain. These will be the technologies for the next generation.
  • Learn about the open source projects in IBM at the link Open Source at IBM

Finally, it was a great day being part of IBM Developer Day 2019. Day ended with lovely music from Lagori Band.