Top 50 most often Questions asked in the interview

Here is the list of Top 50 most often questions asked in the interview and if you are well prepared with it no body can stop you in getting the job so go through it and crack the interview and get your dream job. All the Best. 1. Tell me about yourself: – The most

Citrix Written Test Questions-1

Citrix Written Test Questions-1 1. What is the output of this statement ? Printf(“%d”,printf(“%d %d”,2,2) & printf(“%d %d ”, 2, 2)); a. 22222 b. 22221 c. It will give an error during compilation 2. What is the output of this code snippet main(){ int *p[10]; printf("%d %dn",sizeof(*p),sizeof(p)); } 3. Function inlining is best used when


When you go for an interview if the interviewer asks you simple questions you may feel like oh, how easy it is but the logic is here itself. Because the HR official in the panel mainly observes the mind set of the candidate by asking this type of questions. There itself the HR official decides

How to face the Technical Round in the interview?

Now it is the interview time for every student who is in the last semester or final year  so as a part of the interview round, I would like to suggest some general preparation to face the technical round in the interview. Here  are the few tips to face the technical round : Be prepared

Top Consultancies in Bangalore

This article provides information related to top consultancies in Bangalore. Hope this article is useful for all who are looking for jobs in Bangalore Top Consultancies in Bangalore Bangalore is the hub for programmers, developers and also for HR and management. There are a lot of consultancies in Bangalore that have emerged in recent years