How to face the Technical Round in the interview?

Now it is the interview time for every student who is in the last semester or final year  so as a part of the interview round, I would like to suggest some general preparation to face the technical round in the interview. Here  are the few tips to face the technical round :

Be prepared in basics and fundamentals:

Prepare for basics and fundamentals on the subject so that you can answer the question very easily without any mistakes. image

They will ask what is your favorite subject:

So  be  very thorough in 2 Technical subjects especially basics and General aspects about the two subjects. Be very good in the universal programming language ‘C’.

Be prepared for some canned answers:

There are some general questions which are usually asked they are known to be the canned answers. So prepare for it . Take for example, what is the difference between C and Java?, your canned answer could be : “ Java is oriented programming Language while C is a structured programming language. Java is Architectural-neutral and platform independent whereas C is not. Java is simple as the concept of pointers in being eliminated whereas it is present in C. In fact, because of this only, many programmers especially beginners, feel difficult. And , Java is considered to be a robust programming language as both at compiled time and at run time, type checking is done and another reason for it to be robust is, User if free from memory management, that is , deallocation of memory is automatically done by garbage collector. Java has special features like Multi-threading and it is also distributive and dynamic.

If you tell like this, the next question could be: What is Multi-threading? or What is meant by Architectural-neutral? or What do you mean by a Robust language?  prepare for them too and you may be asked “ Even though C++ also is an OOPL, why is java preferred?”. Your canned answer could be: “ Java is architectural-neutral and platform independent. And, in , Java, Concept of operator overloading and multiple-inheritance have been eliminated which is a problem in C++. The concept of Multiple-inheritance in Java is achieved with the help of Interfaces.”

So in this way you need to make questions and answers and this questions can be practice with your friends this will surely built you confidence and easily clear your technical round. ALL THE BEST.