How to work while you study in US

Studying in best Universities in United States is dream come true for many students but at the same time is also cost effective process . Many Universities in USA provide various opportunities for their students to work and earn money to manage their expense while pursuing their course. Best part about education system in US is they don’t confine students to class rooms but they encourage students to expose their skills  through various projects, clubs,campus activity, practical training etc.,and are paid for their skills.

Generally, students are sanctioned with F-1 visa and are allowed to work in three ways:

  • on campus work
  • off campus work
  • Curriculum practical training (CPT) and optional practical training (OPT)

how to work while studying in USA

Tips to Work while you Study in USA:

  • Every student on F1 visa is permitted to work for 20 hours in a week and can find a job in cafeteria, labs, offices etc., within the campus where most of the universities provide.
  • Students who are pursuing courses in  science ,technology, Engineering, Mathematics can enroll for curriculum practical training and can earn money but working beyond 12 months in CPT are not permitted for Optical Practical Training.
  • Students can enroll for optional practical training (OPT) only after 9 months of course completion and are permitted to work for 40 hours in a week and 1 year outside after course completion in the e-verified companies done by the University only in their area of specialization however permission should also be taken from.US homeland security.
  • After course completion , students sanctioned with OPT are permitted for  14 months from the course of completion.
  • Students need to get updated with changing norms and should not work without the permission of Universities.

In this way students can complete their course along with managing their expenses. However, every student should be abide to the norms of Universities.So, if you like the post please comment, share and subscribe to our website.