Top 10 Resume Building Tips

Resume plays a major role in success of Interview and getting a job. This article provide information about top 10 Resume Building Tips that helps in getting through interview and successfully getting a job.

  • Plain is better.
  • Microsoft Word is the preferred format.
  • Always mention your organization before your job titles: for example, UNICEF Senior Fundraiser.
  • Do not mix different fonts
  • Do not send scanned CV’s.
  • Do not use columns or tables or underlines.
  • Do not use graphics.
  • Do not use headers or footers.
  • Do not use page numbers.
  • Do not use templates.
  • Keywords are the method by which your resume will be retrieved in searches, not looks. Use proper words which are specific to your skill sets throughout your resume.
  • Back up achievements with examples: instead of increased sales, use increased sales by $750,000 in 6 months.
  • Remove all ‘centering’, ‘right hand margin’ and ‘justification’ alignments.
  • Use blank lines between sections but do not use blank lines within paragraphs.

So what are you waiting for? Strip it down, clean it up, and be specific about your objective and accomplishments and go get that new job! For more on resume building tips and Interview tips visit JobsForEveryone