Tips and Books for CAT Exam 2013 Preparation

Common Admission Test this is one of the competitive exam in India to get admission to top Business schools and Institutes in India like Indian Institute of Management (IIM’s), Top Business schools etc., these all consider the scores obtained in the CAT entrance examination which is conducted online and through the personal Interview. The student who bags the best score will surely get a seat in the prestigious business schools. In the personal interview apart from the CAT examination scores the interviewers will consider the academic background, experience, interest, skills etc.

Cat Exam 2013 Preparation Tips


Tips on Cat Exam Preparation

Given below are some of the tips on How to prepare for CAT Exam and some tips for the preparation of CAT entrance based on CAT 2012 pattern:

1. CAT Mock Tests:

These are one of the best source available online the more you practice the more you can improve and you can know where you have backlogs these is one of the best source and you will also be able to practice with computer which will helpful while you are appearing for the examination.

Here is the link for some of the Top CAT Exam 2013 books. I have covered almost all the top CAT Exam books and also GMAT Exam books and also TOEFL Exam books.

2. Tips for Verbal Ability:

In this you do have comprehensions in which you 3-4 passages and you need to answer questions generally. For this you need to make a habit of reading comprehensions and you can easily go through in the examinations and the time can be saved. Experts advice is you need to spare only 10 minutes per passage. Then you do have Grammar, word test questions which you need to know the rules of grammar and you can spare 30 minutes. Race and Martin books will be helpful to go through the grammar.

3. Tips for Logical Ability:

Best is go for mock tests and revising the old papers by which you can come to know how much time you are taking for the problems. In this generally Puzzles, Venn diagrams, Cubes, Deductions etc., will be there. For puzzles you can refer Shakuntaladevi Puzzle books and George Summers are the best books.

4. Tips for Data Interpretation:

you need to be able to study various papers and you need to start with simple questions and slowly you need to raise your ability to solve the tough questions. In this the more you practice the more you can score good marks. You need to able to do calculations very fast by which you can solve questions in short time.

5. Tips for main CAT exam:

Many students have the doubt how to go through the paper whether to attend the easiest one first or to go through all the questions. For this many experts advice that change the strategies along with the exam that is if you are going through the verbal ability first attend all the questions which you know. Where as in the case of Competitive ability you need to categorize the questions and give time to each accordingly answer the one which are easy. For logical reasoning and Data interpretation you need to answer the one which are easy because some will be harder and you may waste more time by calculating so better to leave those questions and go for the one which are easy take less time.

So, finally these are the tips and for getting maximum marks in the CAT exam you need to attempt maximum questions in the exam which you get by practice and try to score good marks. Wish you all the Best.