Things To Avoid While Learning English

Learning a new language can always be tough as you may think. But, you make everything easier by not creating barriers which would actually hinder the progress. So if you are thinking about learning English at a smooth pace, then you should go through the tips compiled below that would surely make you perfect with English.

Learning English Tips Things to Avoid

Learning English
Avoid translating
You should translate sentences or phrases only when you are new to the language. Once you have developed the vocabulary, you should always stop thinking in the language you usually speak. This would derail the focus and slow down the progress. Instead of being different, you should concentrate on words you have already learnt and comprehend the conversation accordingly. As compared to other languages, the sentence structure is very much different with English.

Drive away the fear
Fear can always pose to be a barrier when you have to communicate in English. Even though you have learnt the rules of grammar, you shouldn’t struggle to hold back the conversation. Be confident and stop thinking about how the person would react. Just like others, when you’re on a learning curve you are bound to commit plenty of mistakes. At some point of time, you would learn how the sentences have to be framed.

Stop being pessimistic
A negative attitude wouldn’t work towards improving the learning process. You would be driving yourself from bad to worse. In case you are speaking negative statements to yourself, then it’s time to rephrase them into positive sentences. Rather than saying ‘I won’t become better anytime.’ you can say ‘I will keep on trying till I get better soon.’ An optimistic mind can always help you learn English as quickly as possible.

Always stay confident
Never become nervous especially when you get the opportunity to speak in English. In fact, you can enhance your confidence only if you speak the language time and again. Ultimately, there’s no way out other than stepping out from the zone in which you dwell.

Stop talking to yourself
When you are in a group or moving on with a face to face interaction, you should refrain from talking with yourself. Moreover, use a neutral accent instead of using something else which might ruin pronunciations and lead to misinterpretation of sentences. It’s extremely difficult to do away with mother tongue influence too, but keep trying till you succeed.

Stop saying ‘Sorry’
Nobody knows for how long you have been speaking English. So, never use the word ‘sorry’ when you can’t speak the language fluently. Do remember that everything takes time and you have to be patient till you’re trained to speak perfectly. Just as it took years to build Rome, you too can be perfect in a couple of months. The point is that you are trying your level best and people are always appreciating your efforts.

Communicate frequently
Learning through classroom sessions is great only when you ask questions and get them answered at next instance. But, you need to use the words when you are communicating with family members and individuals residing in your locality. If you fail to practice, then you would be left behind and never progress the way you desired.

Never give up
Initially, it might seem difficult to learn something new. But, if you are determined to achieve what you want, then nothing would come in your way. Imagine yourself to be an athlete who works hard and spends time to improve his skills. Just like him, you should have a mindset to reach the best level.

Stop worrying
Don’t leave behind the chance of speaking English because you’re worried whether you would be understood by the individual. Rather, always move around with the ‘I can do it’ attitude. This is always a great way to bolster your confidence wherever you go.

Stop comparing yourself
Regardless of the level, always be proud of your accomplishments. It’s pointless to compare yourself with someone else because everyone on earth is unique and different. Just because your friend learnt the language quickly doesn’t mean that you are not on the right track.

Stop using inefficient methods

Never memorize rules if you are seeking an effective way to take a conversation forward. While you are on the verge of impressing others, you might have to deal with many critics. So, it’s essential to spend time for focusing on the usage of words and learn through interactions with people around you.

Stop spending time studying
If you are immersed in a book or watching shows hours on end, then you won’t learn English faster. So, it’s always better to allocate a time span of 30 minutes and be generous in practicing language skills from time to time. You could probably take a break after 30 minutes, go back to your desk and continue studying for a longer period of time.

Inculcate the habit of learning english
Learners usually associate study with ‘boring exercises’ and ‘boring homework’. But, this shouldn’t be the case once you have realized the importance of learning English. At leisure, you can play word games on your smartphone or flip through flashcards. You can also construct sentences as you are walking down a street. In case you like surfing the internet, then you can engage yourself through a discussion forum. Eventually, you should be able to double fun even if you can refer the course material anytime you wish.

On a concluding note, it’s fun learning a new language. Apart from reading magazines or the newspaper, you should set aside at least half an hour to improve your skills.

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