As we already discussed regarding the CISCO IT certification course today we shall discuss some other courses which will be helpful in career building in the IT industry. This courses makes a person qualified professional in the IT industry and helps easily in grabbing a job in this competitive World . So now let us know some more courses which will be helpful for your career growth:


Microsoft is another best company like CISCO which provides its services to the IT industry. Likely, Microsoft also offers various courses which mainly deals in developing the quality , testing and maintaining different software’s and in all these courses  Microsoft Data base Administration, Microsoft database Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, Server Administration, System administration  are the most important courses which are helpful in grabbing a job easily with good salary.

IT certifications for job


Oracle Certified courses mainly deals in database management. In which their two main important courses they are

1. Oracle certified professional Java programmer: this mainly about Java programming

2. Oracle Data base Administrator: This provides complete knowledge regarding to maintain a Oracle Database.


Linux is an operating system and so it is generally software used in operating a Computer. Likely, there are many courses in linux of which Linux system administrator is one of the most important software course as most of the large scale IT industries usually use LINUX operating system. So by doing this course you can easily enter in to good companies in sectors of Airlines, IT sector etc as the most of the security network work on Linux operating system


Java is a computer language which is platform independent and object oriented language. This is the language which mainly used for Internet services which means if you want to use any computer application with the help of Internet Java is compulsory. So this language is mostly useful for getting a job in IT industry. If you do any course in Java you will surely get a job.

So as most of the courses are provided online hence you need not go anywhere for learning this courses the things which you needed are time and money for learning this course and this courses will surely helpful in getting a job as soon as you complete your engineering or Graduation if you are a student and if you are already an employee this courses will surely helpful in building your career path. Wish you all the Best.