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Hobbies can give you a special preference from others. This article covers Resume Building Tips hobbies, how to write efficient hobbies in your Resume and stay ahead of the competition.

Hobbies in Resume Building Tips

Resume Building Tips

while mentioning hobbies in the resume, one needs to be creative as well as careful. Creativity fetches you a job by mentioning your skills to the recruiter while one needs to be careful because mentioning hobbies which you don’t have any knowledge and when the recruiter finds it may make you lose a job. So, in this article, we would like to provide some tips regarding what to mention as hobbies in Resume.

Hobbies should represent your character:
Usually, most of them do not pay much interest in hobbies but the fact was it usually attracts recruiters. So while mentioning hobbies you need to have enough knowledge and should be something different from others if possible for example singing, dancing etc are the most common hobbies which most of them mention in their resume but if you mention like writing articles, interested in web designing etc., this gives you a special preference.

Hobbies should be related to your job
If you are applying for a technical job you can mention like you are interested in learning or reading books on latest technologies etc., and for this, you need to have good knowledge as well before mentioning it and surely this helps you drag the attention of the recruiter.

Hobbies can be related to your skills:
Hobbies may not surely be every time related to your job It can also be social activities like for example teaching kids in NGO’s, maintaining a blog or website by writing articles regarding the latest technologies etc.,
So, while preparing resume one need to keep in mind that one needs to have good information regarding the hobbies they mentioned because recruiters may sometimes look into it if they are related with the job they applied for and also to test the knowledge of the candidate. So one needs to be very careful while mentioning the hobbies in the resume.

Hope these resume building tips are useful for you while writing hobbies in the resume. You would definitely love to read these Top 10 Resume Building Tips.