How to Cope with Bad JEE Result in a Positive way

IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology) Joint Entrance Exam is the national level examination conducted to seek admission in UG engineering courses offered in IIT. The examination is conducted in two levels- IIT Mains and IIT Advanced. Nearly, 14-15 lac aspirants attend first level of exam out of which only few lacs aspirants get qualified for the second level. Every year, there is a marginal growth in the number of students appearing for the exam. This is perhaps the reason why there is a huge competition among students.

Every candidate who prepares for JEE wishes to avoid any kind of hardwork and get a positive result, which is absolutely not possible. 70% of students who qualify for the final exam or even get admission are the ones who have faced challenge and competition. The rest 30% are the one who are unfortunate to move to the next level. Many unfortunates don’t even get qualified for the first level, but for them this is not the end of the road.

Aspirants who failed to make up to the next level find it hard to accept the reality. The biggest mistake they do is carrying a thought that JEE is the end and they do not need to take IIT’s academic curriculum seriously.

There are reasons why students fail to cross the first attempt of IIT-JEE:

· Struggle in Subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) are important subjects to be prepared for the exam. Students generally find it hard to overcome the problem solution resulting to negative marks.

· Low Confidence: Be it IIT-JEE exam of any other exam, having self-confidence towards exam is very essential and is also the gateway to gain good marks in the exam. However, many students carry low confidence right from the initial stage effecting the preparation and result.

· Too Much of Competition: As mentioned above, lacs of students appear for JEE exam every year which displays the increasing competition among students. Aspirants couldn’t cope with this competition resulting to low confidence and eventually leading to negative result.

Many students even skip the first attempt either due to low confidence or no preparation. This, in fact, is the best way to overcome the failure problem and allows students to prepare in a better way. If you are among those aspirants who faced failure in the first attempt or regular attempt, then you can still give a try out. You can seek tips or help from ex-IIT students who may have gone through same situation. Following their tips can help you to overcome the pressure of failure and prepare more confidently for the next attempt.

 Keep Yourself Cool: This is the key to overcome the pressure of failure. It is not necessary that you should be master in every subject. Most students appear for JEE gave their 2-4 yrs in preparing only for the exam. They understand the subject and prepare accordingly to taste the success. In your next attempt, stay calm and don’t allow pressure to overtake you. This will allow you to prepare calmly and gain confidence in face every subject.

· Keep Practicing: Never stop practicing the subjects that you going to attempt in exam. Once failed, start your practice again and identify your problem. The best thing of getting failed is it allows you to know where you fall short and practice to make it perfect. So keep practicing to make you prepared for the next attempt.

· Don’t worry about the Outcome: It is important to stay positive and avoid thinking about the outcome. Stay focused on your preparation to avoid any distraction of failure, which certainly will help you to approach exam in positive way.

· Look for Other Options: IIT is not only engineering source available in India, there are IIITs and NITs which are also offers quality engineering education. Hence, if you couldn’t make it to IIT, then check out any of the two available options to achieve engineering goals.

· Go for the State Universities: Couldn’t make it to IIT? No worries! You can still check out state universities to complete engineering degree. These state universities are accredited and approved by governing council guaranteeing of quality engineering education. Though universities too conduct entrance exam which are state levels, but can be pass through easily.

· Deemed University Gaining Pace: Every state has a deemed university offering engineering courses. So if you couldn’t make it to IIT then check out deemed universities to complete engineering degree. Since it is the question of your future, do a good research regarding the university reputation. Securing your seat in university is safer, it saves your year.

· Better Preparation: – Try to complete all topics covered earlier in small span of time and study the chapter that you were unable to complete last time. Work on weak areas as you have a good amount of time to brush-up your skills. Take up mock test available in internet and familiarize yourself with more adequate material available online. Share and compare scores with peers of same basket. Grow social network to talk and discuss about different problem that you face during preparations. Plan you study much before your mocks to as you have ample time to revise everything at least twice

Finding answers for above question can help you prepare well for the second attempt confidently. Once you have cleared JEE Main, you have a good chance to get seat in NIT or IITs or even in engineering colleges. Clearing II-JEE exam depends 10% on luck and 90% on your preparation and confidence. Yes, you might be mentally stressed or depressed with negative result, but this is not the end of road and you can check other options to get your engineering done.

Hence, if you don’t make it to any of the prestigious engineering institute, don’t feel low as you might have a brighter future than the IITians. Life gives second chance to everyone; it is up to you how you utilize it.

Author Bio: Shipra Sinha works for (India). She is passionate about creating content for the digital media. Loves to travel and reading. Follow her on Google+

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