Changes in CAT Exam 2011 Pattern

CAT 2011 admission notification 2011 has been released and sale of CAT vouchers starts from 17th August and ends on 26 September 2011 and Registration starts from 17th august and ends on 28th September 2011.

"CAT Exam Pattern 2011"

Changes in the CAT exam pattern 2011



CAT 2011 Exam Pattern

The CAT test is going to be held from 22nd October to 18th November 2011 and CAT Results are going to be announced on 11th January 2012 However, like last year it will be  for  20 days  with two slots per test day. Likely, some new major changes are made in CAT 2011 in respect of time and also the pattern  and they are as follows:

3 new Test Centers are included for CAT 2011 exam  and now CAT vouchers are available in AXIS bank:

Now , the  total number of test locations (cities) for CAT 2011 is 36 as there is an  inclusion of 3 new cities – Bhilai, Jammu and Dehradun and now CAT vouchers  can be purchased  from 201 Axis Bank branches .

Change in duration of the test from Check in procedure till the end of the examination in new CAT 2011:

Last year,  check in procedure  was two hours  but now i has been reduced to one and a  half  hours this year and as usual you will have 15 minute tutorial will be provided before start of the test. so now the complete exam will be 2hrs 35minutes including tutorial time.

Major Change in the Test pattern of  CAT 2011:

Yes, we can say this as a major change because before there used to be 3 sections but now there are only two sections which comprises of :

Section 1: Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

Section 2: Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning .

Time Limit for each section is 70 min in the CAT exam 2011:

Now, there is a time limit of 70 minutes for each section and this can also be treated as a new change in the pattern of CAT 2011 exam as there is no sectional time limit in previous years of CAT exam and both the sections will have 30 questions each. You don’t have the choice for  section that is easy for you  and first you will have the Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation section followed by Verbal Ability and logical Reasoning in the second section.

You cannot come back to your previous section in CAT 2011 exam:

There will be no option to end the first section of the test before the full duration of 1 hour 10 mins is up.  In the second section, if you are ready to end your test even if there is still time remaining (you would not be allowed to go out of the test centre until the test is over), click on ‘Quit Test’ at the bottom of the screen. If you have questions that are incomplete, you will be prompted by a pop-up box. Click ‘No’ to return to the test, or ‘Yes’ to end the test and also in this new test pattern once you complete 70 minutes you will be moved to your next section automatically and you can  move front and back with in that particular  section in the period of 70 minutes once you have done to next section you cannot come back to previous section.

Hence, so now you are aware of the changes in the new pattern of CAT 2011 and if you want to practice new test pattern exam of CAT 2011 just Click the link : PRACTICE PAPERS OF NEW EXAM PATTERN OF CAT 2011