Career in clinical research

If you are a life science student or a pharmacy student or MBBS or BDS degree holder and wondering what to do next then here it is, you have a choice to opt for clinical Research which is a booming career and there is wide range of opportunities in this field.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is an applied research which mainly deals with determining the effectiveness of a medical drug, devices and diagnostic products through clinical trials that is to know whether it is safe and effective to use in a medical situation. A clinical trial involves human beings, animals, volunteers and patients who are suffering from particular disease. Before testing the drug the companies need to get permission from Drug Controller General of India and Ethics Committee to conduct the trials and the companies need to follow certain standard guidelines of clinical research for the rights and safety of the volunteers, patients etc., who are taking the drug.


Different JOB Roles in Clinical Research:

The Research starts with getting permission and then the drug manufacturer hand over the drug to the physician for testing and he/she works on analyzing the data along with people involved in manufacturing of the drug and their by providing quality data in analyzing the effectiveness of the drug on the responses of the drug users. The data will be documented and tested for several times and in several places.

Job Roles:

The job Roles involves mainly in documenting, observing, auditing and quality assurance are prospective Job roles and opportunities in this career of Clinical Research. Likely,

  • Associate/ Analyst
  • Investigator
  • Site coordinator
  • Clinical Research project Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Statistician
  • Programmer and Medical Writer

These are the various roles which can be achieved along with the Experience in this Field.

Opportunities in Clinical Research:

India is a country where many Global companies are trying to establish their manufacturing units in India in order to conduct medical trials. Likely, there is also requirement of professionals in this field so you have good opportunities as well.

You can find wide range of opportunities in multinational companies like Glaxo smithkline, Astra Zeneca, SIRO Clinpharm, Wellquest etc., are some of the companies which have clinical projects in India so likely one have opportunity to get a job in this companies.

One can also have good opportunities abroad in which Singapore is one of the best destination to get a good job offers and also Asia, Europe etc., these are also the various places where you can make your career grow if you have a qualification and quality of education that can is recognized abroad.

Skills required in Clinical Research:

To become a professional in any field one need to be self motivated, Self confident and Self Disciplined and need to be able to work under no supervision. So likely in the field of Clinical Research one needs to be having a degree with Science or Medical background and likely can do a short term or long term clinical research course. One should have good analytical skills and should be able to work collectively in a team and should have good communication skills and language skills.

Salaries in Clinical Research:

The starting Salaried usually range from 3, 00,000/- per annum but as soon as you gain experience and skills in this field it may range up to 6 to 7 lakhs per annum in 2 or 3 years.

Best Educational Institutions that offer Clinical Research course:

  • Institute of Clinical Research India, Hyderabad

Course: M.Sc in Clinical Research

  • Bio informatics Centre, University Pune

Course: Post Graduate diploma in Clinical Research and Data Base management

For more information you can visit the official website link of the college given below:

Click for website of Bio informatics center, University pune

So, finally if you are interested to join this course of Clinical Research and build you career wishes you all the Best. Hope you like this article.