Airsoft Students Guide

Similar to paintball, airsoft is a team-based sport with a very vocal and devoted fanbase. It’s well known to gamers as airsoft gives them the chance to act out their favorite shooting games in real life. But what do beginner students need to know about getting started with airsoft? This article is a Airsoft Students Guide sharing valuable information to students.

Airsoft is very popular with students at Universities, there are over 28 University airsoft societies in the UK!

Airsoft can seem a little daunting however with my help beginner students will soon get to grips with it. So, without further ado let’s look at my students guide to airsoft.

What Is Airsoft?

We might as well start with the big question, what exactly is airsoft? It’s a game very similar to paintball in which the aim of the game is to eliminate the other players. Airsoft games rely on the honours system so when you’ve been hit you have to declare it so other players know.

The classic way to play airsoft is with two opposing teams but there are many ways you can play it. Some popular options including capture the flag style games, search and destroy and protecting a certain structure or player.

What Are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft weapons are what you need to actually fire at the opposing team, airsoft guns come in many forms and are designed to look like real weapons. There are handheld guns and larger rifle-like weapons as well.

Airsoft weapons can be powered by gas, electric or spring-action each as its own perks and benefits but they do work in a similar manner. Although spring-action weapons will have to be cocked before every shot. The sport of airsoft is so popular that there are many airsoft shops in the UK such as Airsoft Deals, JD Airsoft and Just BB Guns.

Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets called BB’s. Airsoft guns are also designed to be a similar weight to real-life guns as well so make sure you take the size of the weapon into account.

How Do I Play?

Like I mentioned earlier there are a number of different ways airsoft games can be played but whether you’re going for a classic team vs team game or a scenario like capture the flag you can expect a game of airsoft to be very tactical and strategic. So, you aren’t (usually) just going to be running around randomly shooting at each other.

Some players might even use airsoft as a role-play exercise where everyone is expected to be in character. Games are usually quite long and require players to be more stealthy and careful, but of course, there is a lot of scope to how the game can be played so don’t worry you don’t need to be a tactical genius in order to play airsoft.

Where Can I Play Airsoft?

Airsoft isn’t like nerf, so you can’t just run around your local park firing shots at each other. You’ll need to play at official skirmish/play sites, thankfully there is quite a number of these in the UK so finding your local one shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you have your own private land that is large enough to accommodate a game of airsoft then you can always play there as well. Professional play sites will usually be large open areas surrounded by woodland and you’ll also have immediate access to facilities like toilets, first-aid and security marshals.

What Safety Concerns Do I Need To Know About?

OK, let’s tackle the safety concerns, shall we? Airsoft is a game that requires a certain level of maturity to play which is why young children shouldn’t play it. Remember you should always treat your airsoft weapon like it’s loaded always keep it pointed down and keep the safety on when it’s not in use. Have a look at Airsoft safety tips for more information.

You’ll also need to buy or rent some proper safety equipment first before you play. If you search for safety equipment you’ll find huge selections available but don’t worry you don’t need to spend a fortune. More experienced or veteran airsoft players will put together their own armour and uniform for games but as a beginner, you’ll only need one thing.

That’s a face mask or goggles, these can usually be bought together and will be styled like a helmet so your whole face will get protection. These again range in price but you can find them for around £20 they will also likely be available to rent at professional play sites as well.

Why that might be the only equipment you’ll need as a beginner you’ll also need to ensure you’re dressed properly for an airsoft game as well. So, you’ll need to wear a thick jacket, boots, gloves, and thick pants/ jeans as well. You should also be sure to get yourself a water canteen as well.

There are lots of options when it comes to extras for both your outfit and your airsoft weapons like scopes, grips, and pouches but for a beginner, you can usually get by with just the basics at first. So, that’s my Airsoft student’ guide and there’s a lot to take in but don’t worry after a few games it will all be second nature.