Mar 022014

     Financial analyst career is always dealing with numbers , investment strategies and also analyzing the financial environment. In one line we can say “how to use and create money” seriously the role always deals with money some or the other way. If your favorite subject is Mathematics,if you don’t get bored with the subject then you will love your job. Educational qualifications: To become a financial analyst you need to have a minimum Bachelor of commerce (B.Com) OR Bachelor of Arts with economics and statistics as optional subjects. Additional degrees such as Master of Business Administration in finance from [...]

Feb 152014
Career as Soft Skill Trainer

Soft skill trainer , now a days we often listen to the word “soft skills” if you are a student or an employee you must have got habituated with this word. Soft skills has become essential for success in work place. So let us discuss what are these soft skills and why do we need a trainer. Soft skills are generally inbuilt talents like communication skills,  team managing capability and working in a team,  problem solving skills, thinking skills, adaptability to the new situations , personality development etc., these are all considered as soft skills by the corporate world. So, [...]

Feb 032014

Environmental science has been developed as a subject and also creating many job opportunities in the field of science with the increasing need of protecting the resources and controlling the various pollutions prevailing in the Environment . It is no doubt that the environment is the source of life to living beings on the earth  for providing  food, shelter,water etc., so it is our responsibility to use it properly and safeguard its valuable resources.   With the increasing growth of Industrialization and urbanization the balance of environment has been being disturbed resulting in unsustainable growth and development which proves to [...]

Feb 022014
Career enhancement with Open Universities in India

Open Universities provide a chance for the students to pursue higher level of education through distance learning as per their flexibility with out disturbing their daily routines ( job, business etc.,). These universities provide various  graduate, post graduate, PhD, M.Phil etc., programs in various areas  of subject.  A Person  can join their choice of course ,satisfying the eligibility criteria with respect to rules and regulations proposed by the particular Universities. Many of the students, job holders , business men, house wife’s etc., opt for the open universities as they are flexible and help in career enhancement. In India their are [...]

Nov 172013

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is one of the top emerging technologies in telecommunications domain. This article gives information about top SDN Tutorials SDN Tutorials from ONF ONF is the organization that looks after SDN development. Given below are the Video Tutorials related to SDN. Top SDN Tutorials from experts Given below is the play list for top Software Define Networking Tutorials from Experts

Nov 052013
Free Online Courses from Foreign Universities

Online Courses are one of the best ways to stay updated with the latest technologies. There are many quality institutes which have started online tutoring. Now with websites like CourseEra which have come up providing necessary infrastructure for top university professors to provide free courses online, there are some of the best courses students can avail online for free. These courses are provided free of cost and are based on registration and first come first serve basis. Once students register to these online courses, they can access to the tutorials from top university professors. Online Assignments need to be submitted [...]

Aug 092013

CAT Exam for 2013 is in the coming months and people who are looking for some of the best CAT Exam material, here are some of the books we refer from Students Tips which can help you in CAT Exam preparation. 1. How to prepare for Quantative Aptitude in CAT Exam Many of the students face time shortage when solving Quantative Aptitude. It is one of the important part of the exam which can help you crack the exam. Given below is one of the best Common Admission Test Exam books that can help you in solving Quantative Aptitude. 2. [...]

Jun 222013

Becoming a Doctor is the dream of many students and is one of the popular career option selected by most of the students in India and also many Indian students go abroad to pursue the course of Medicine. There is a huge competition from the students for the various Medical Entrance examinations conducted in India as there are a few seats in government medical colleges and it is generally a cost for student to pursue the course in private medical colleges compared to Government colleges . It has good career opportunities and all depends upon the quality of education the [...]

Mar 302013

Singapore is one of the best place in the World with all type of facilities. If you want to pursue your higher education in Singapore here are the top courses which most of the students from all over the World prefer for Master of Business Administration : this is most opted course by the students and they usually prefer because of best faculty and academic facilities and also job opportunities. Hotel Management: This is another course for which most of the students opt for and here you can learn different types of varieties of dishes of all over the world [...]

Dec 142012

Germany is one of the top most place where most of students from all over the World select to pursue their higher education because of the various facilities, infrastructure, quality of education, good student friendly atmosphere, nominal fees structure for students from other countries etc., usually attract many students to study in Germany . Likely, here are the few top most courses which students select mostly to study in German Universities. Business Administration and Various courses in the subject of Economics Engineering : Mainly Architecture , mechanical, Chemical and Civil. Human medicine , dentistry and Nursing Media and communication sciences [...]

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